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Drumming Foundation ia a 12-Month Drumming Course for Beginners to Intermediate Drummers – the transformative journey that turns your practice time into a compelling machine generating fantastic results!

Are you seeking superior results from your drumming practice? Do you aspire to make remarkable progress in less time and at a lower cost than traditional methods? Whether you're just starting out or aiming for short, medium, and long-term success, the Drumming Foundation course is here for you.

"If it's true that 'It's not what you do, It's the way that you do it,' then this is absolutely the easiest and very best way to learn how to play the drums!"

The Biggest Mistake Most Drummers Make Is Moving Too Quickly onto Exercise Two When They Haven't Perfected Exercise One!

In every aspect of life, rushing through the basics is akin to attempting an intricate fusion beat without mastering the fundamentals. At the Drumming Foundation sitte, we emphasize the importance of perfecting each step, understanding that success breeds success.

In the self-improvement world, the saying "Success Breeds Success!" holds true. Successfully executing and perfecting each exercise lays the foundation for seamless progression. This principle, often overlooked due to the desire for instant gratification and quick advancement, is fundamental to our 12-week drumming course. (you can also take 12 months to complete the program and we highly recomend that you do).

Success Is A Choice You Must Make Before You Embark On The Journey"

Drummers, like any learners, must choose who they want to become. Success is a choice made before embarking on the journey of drumming development. At the Drumming Foundation, we guide you to choose success and commit to developing it step by step.

Every Great and Solid Structure Is Built on Equally Great and Solid Foundations!

Our course, "From the Beginning To the End and Back," embodies a continuous cycle of improvement. Solid foundations are essential, and throughout your drumming journey, you'll return to them naby times to refine and enhance your skills. This journey is the core of Drumming Foundation's philosophy. And, the reason you can go through the course in 12-days, 12-weeks, or 12-months, and even 12 years. But the program is delivered over a 12 week period.

Each Part Will Transform Your PRACTICE TIME into a More Compelling Machine That Generates FANTASTIC Results!!!

Our program is designed to elevate your practice time, turning it into a dynamic process that yields fantastic results. The first steps to success involve 30 years of study and practice condensed into a structured course. You'll discover the progressive nature of the curriculum, realizing that speed is not just about playing fast but mastering simple techniques that enhance precision.

The Advantage of Becoming Your Own Master

Drumming Foundation empowers you to be the master of your destiny. Our course provides easy-to-understand, easy-to-use tools guiding you step-by-step along your path to drumming mastery. By honing in on essential rhythms and techniques, you become equipped with the skills necessary for success, setting you on the path to becoming your own master.

The Drum Coach - Empowering Musicians, Enriching Lives.


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Short Bio About The Drum Coach

Stephen Hawkins (A.K.A The Drum Coach)  is an author of drumming and self-improvement books  and the founder of the Drum Coaches Directory.

To learn more about Stephen, visit www.DrummingFoundation.com.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys spending time taking online courses and learning with groups of friends, reading self-improvement books (specializing in goal-setting and time management), watching movies, and learning the guitar.

To learn more about Stephen, subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter (@The_DrumCoach) and Instagram (@TheDrumCoach), support The Drum Coach on Ko-Fi, or visit www.TheDrumCoach.com.




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